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Akshay Veerappan
(Home schooler- AS Level English language)-Chennai, India

Ma’am has always been a strict teacher. I have improved in writing commentaries and the style /conventions of various genres that I have studied in that classes. The competition for the voice-over script was exciting, but it soon became redundant as it. Online learning itself is not very difficult. The only major discomfort I encountered was typing my homework in drive rather than writing it on paper. These types are similar but not the same. It helped in spelling and grammar, but after sometime I got used to simply being alerted for any mistakes.

Neel Pai
(IBDP English lang and lit.& TOK) - Germany

My experience of learning with the teacher on Yesmindz has resulted in a significant improvement in my essay/creative writing skills. I think that learning at Yesmindz has been a valuable experience for me as I was exposed to various text types and literature. Having in-depth discussions with my teacher Mrs. Roy, has improved my overall speaking and analytical skills. Learning at Yesmindz has taught me to convey my thoughts with clarity and certainty, especially when presenting arguments in my writing.

Hriday Chaaochaaria
(IBDP English Lang. and Lit. & TOK) – Kolkatta, India

Pratima ma’am is an extremely punctual person and has helped me attain this virtue in my life up to a great extent. I have been an extremely irregular and irresponsible student but ma’am never gave up on me, she persistently helped me morph into the best version of myself. Apart from this ma’am has a very strong set of moral values, which she never breaches. She will never share any student’s work with another student, and keep it confidential. I have loved my journey and growth with her. Thank you, ma’am!

Aditya Naidu
(IBDP English Lang and Lit. &TOK)-Bangaluru, India

Learning on Njoylearning has been fun and interesting. I learnt various different techniques of a variety of text type. The yearly events such as debate and advertisements creating has improved my interpersonal skills as a student. I was force to think and interpret tasks in many angles in the class.

Swetha Visva
(AS Level English Language) -Bangaluru, India

Unlike any other class I have attended, this really is the only one where I’m completely attentive from the start to the end. At the start, I wasn't a fan of writing a lot because I though I was not capable of doing a good job. But after a few sessions with Prathima ma'am, it all changed. She is really accepting and I regained my confidence slowly.She brought the creative side of me that I itself was unaware of. And I found myself looking forward to all our classes together. Now I can say that I am good at the subject thanks to Yesmindz. And lastly the small gossips were the most memorable! Thank you so much for this amazing experience and believing in me!

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