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(IGCSE- English language) Bangalore, India

My online experience was great. I have taken online classes before, but it was as a group, so I never got much of a one-on-one experience. Personally, being able to sit with the teacher alone, helped me understand whatever I was learning. Sometimes it may have been difficult to convey a message online but overall, it was good experience.

Sugimoto F
(IBDP TOK) Japan

The experience was better than what I expected initially, as you showed me the actual way to write the TOK essay which my teacher did not do really well.

Achuth Nair
(IBDP TOK) Singapore

Hi Ma'am, I'm Achuth, thank you very much ma'am for your help. I got an A in TOK. Thank you for your support.

(AS Level English Language) Chennai, India

Before joining your class, I was really ambiguous when it came to commenting on a passage. I wasn't able to do the task given to me with clarity or confidence. I was a little chagrined about my writing before joining the group class. That really changed after I joined the classes, I started approaching the task given to me with a lot of confidence, as I started comprehending the type of writing expected from me. I thank you a lot for helping me out, and for the comments you shared with me. It helped me to improve my writing by a few notches. The disquisitions in the group class have helped me to broaden my understanding and outlook on a particular genre. I also learned a lot from my fellow classmates' writing style. Thank you very much.

Simran Bhadani
(IBDP English Lang & Lit.) Singapore

After joining this class, I feel that my grade has improved quite a lot. The feedback that you give is usually quite detailed and considers all aspects of the criteria. Joining this class has also helped me to learn how to write an effective introduction and structure my essay properly.

Rishi Kamat
(IGCSE & AS Level English Language)Pune, India

I have been part of a nourishing journey towards great proficiency in English for about two years alongside a great distributor of wisdom, knowledge, and life skills – Njoy learning. Throughout this period, I have been debilitated with several hurdles, but nothing has been tough to overcome. Initially, I would take the subject for granted, thinking that it is a cakewalk (considering that I shifted from a board where English was treated as a trivial subject). However, after my experience with Pratima ma’am, my perspective has change profoundly!

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