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Proficiency and Competitive Exam - SAT/ ACT English Test Preparation

Scholastic Assessment Test or SAT as it is widely known is developed by College Board to assess the aptitude of students for college admission. The purpose of this assessment is to verify the student’s aptitude in certain areas of knowledge/skill to measure literacy, numeracy and writing ability that are widely required for performance in college. The knowledge/skill areas for evaluation in SAT are, writing, critical reading and mathematics. Similar to SAT, ACT – formerly known to be American College Test – is also a standardized test used for college admissions in the United States. It is administered by a not for profit organization, ACT by name. The ACT test covers four academic skills namely, English, mathematics, reading, and science reasoning. It also offers an optional direct writing test

YesmindZ’s Online SAT or ACT Coaching Classes

In general students planning for college admissions focus more in science subjects with a lower emphasis in language areas. Structured learning approach and expert guidance is often not available to the students. YesmindZ’s ACT and ACT online coaching comes handy for the aspirants. We offer ACT preparatory class and online SAT prep courses structured in accordance with the requirements of the syllabus. It includes-

Diagnostic Test

1. Reading- Comprehension techniques and strategies

2. Writing- Grammar

3. Essay- Analysis

4. Practice Test papers

5. Assessment, evaluation and feed -back

We assess the improvement of every student through multiple SAT online courses and SAT prep sessions. Similarly, the ACT Practice Tests are undertaken regularly for ACT students. Continuous assessment of the performance in practice tests helps improve confidence level of the students before the D- day.

YesmindZ’s SAT and ACT English Courses Helps Students in Skill Improvement

@ YesmindZ’s SAT online courses or ACT online classes – adjudged as one of the best SAT classes by students – are designed looking at the need of the student and their level of understanding. This assessment is done prior to admitting a student in our institute through a preliminary demo class. In case of group classes, the level of the standard is determined by careful evaluation of all the students in the group.

The success rate of students studying, SAT English or ACT English online prep, in our institute is hundred percentage.

All the classes offered by YesmindZ are online, allowing the students to participate from across the globe.