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Akhila Baddepudi
(ACT English) North Carolina, USA.

Hi. I would like to thank you for your time and dedication in helping me for my exam. I have gained a lot of confidence and strength. I really enjoyed the classes. They were really amazing. I could also say that it was supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!!!! I learnt a lot about a lot of things-history, news (since I rarely read, but I did start) I really appreciate all that you have done for me. I will definitely keep in touch Thank you once again!

(IGCSE, IBDP English Lang. & Lit. and TOK) Bengaluru, India.

I have been Protima ma’am’s student for six years now. We have always worked together to create a study plan that would enhance and improve the quality of my work at school. Rather than a fixed method of teaching, my personal weaknesses were catered to, and this personalized approach was largely beneficial towards my performance. However, over these years, I have also noticed an overall improvement in my understanding and grasp of the language beyond what was taught at the classroom level. These classes have truly helped me develop an organic interest in English. I never felt the lack of a personal connect with my teacher although the classes were held online. Since English is a subject that requires constant feedback and interaction between the student and teacher, I found it easier to work online where I could constantly upload and share files that were work-in-progress with my teacher. It helped me work faster. Working online also provided us with the flexibility to learn through various activities and projects which made the learning process more “njoy”-able.

Vishnu Suresh
(IB MYP, IBDP English Lang. & Lit. and TOK) Surabaya, Indonesia.

Learning from Njoylearning teachers have been beneficial for my knowledge and skillset in the English language, the teacher covers all the basics before expanding onto harder topics this creates a good foundation for the students to learn upon. Though sometimes the teaching is quite strict I feel it is significant as it helped me improve on both my skillset and attitude towards learning. Overall, I am grateful to be under the tutelage of a teacher from Njoylearning.

Riya Kapoor
(IGCSE, IBDP English Lang. &Lit. and TOK) Jakarta, Indonesia.

My experience has been very good. I think that it was very useful to have regular classes as it is important to have regular practice. It made me also make sure that English was a constant priority. I was able to build my skills in doing analyses which was very important being in IBDP (HL English). Despite it being online, the classes were very effective keeping aside the few tech problems that happened sometimes. I was able to communicate well with the teacher, and we were able to understand each other. We would share our screens when needed. It was a lot easier for me as we don’t need to travel anywhere and can just be at home and be able to have classes. At first going into the classes, I did not expect a lot and thought that it would be very hard since it was online and communication would be difficult, but as the classes went on, I did not see that as a problem and really liked it. My relationship with my teacher was professional and personal at the same time which I think was very helpful as there was a deeper understanding. I think this has contributed towards my learning as well because I would be able to understand my teacher much better.

Chinmay Moturi
(IBDP English Lang. & Lit. and TOK) Bengaluru, India.

Classes were done following what the student tends to prioritise. The teaching was done in depth, with more knowledge & understanding of each and every literature and language text. Great experience in terms of discipline wise, as time punctuality is always there with the teacher.

(IGCSE, AS Levels English Language), Chennai, India.

The experience of the online classes is actually nice even though you are not in a real class-room, you still have the feeling of it. Njoy learning is actually a nice experience for me, even if I didn’t apply all the rules and tricks in my paper, I have the happiness of me learning it. I personally feel that ma’am was extremely talented in making me understand the topic before teaching and bringing out the answer from my mouth even when I ask her continuously. Ma’am has also taught me to be a nice teacher and teach properly, probably this will help me if I start teaching. The life support and motivation sessions were the best of all the classes.

Tanya Kapoor
(IBDP English Lang. & Lit. and TOK), Jakarta, Indonesia

The past two years have definitely been a very long journey especially with English, which is my most challenging subject. Taking classes with Ms. Pratima definitely helped me develop my analytical skills and to think “outside the box” as I am mostly a practical person and thus looking beyond the obvious becomes slightly difficult. At times. scheduling classes did get frustrating due to our hectic schedules but we both tried our best to make it work. Taking the classes online classes did not make any difference. In fact, it was much more convenient and did cut down on travel time. There was never any point in time where I said I wish the classes were not online. Overall, these classes really did help me through the two years, I don’t think I would have survived without them. Thank you so much Ms. Pratima! I am very grateful for all your help.

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