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Niomi Karunaratna
(IBDP Eng Language & Literature and TOK) Sydney, Australia

Hi, Niomi did well in both English and TOK. She got a 6 for English (High seventies) and B for TOK and only one mark off from getting an A. Thanks a lot for your guidance and teaching. Very much appreciated.

Shruthi Saravanan
(AS Level English Language and IELTS)Chennai, India.

I have learned a lot of new words, you have been a really friendly teacher, and I loved attending your classes. Thank you very much for everything.

Nallammai Muthukumar
(SAT Eng) California, USA

I enjoyed all my classes. It was fun. I also learnt many new things and it definitely helped me in knowing new types of questions. I feel I have improved a lot due to Njoylearning. Tysm!

(IBDP English lang. & Lit. and TOK) Bengaluru, India

The platform enabled me to improve in the subject of English to a great extent. I was able to understand how answers are supposed to be written in the IB English examination, due to which I noticed a big improvement in my English grades. I was also able to understand texts in a better manner, and I was able to understand what the IB expects out of English A lang. & Lit. students. I was also able to improve my overall English skills and writing answers in the examination became much easier. I also enjoyed the subject and I have gained an interest in literary texts as a result of taking up classes at Njoylearning.

Deepan Suresh
(IBDP English Lang. and Lit. and TOK) Surabaya, Indonesia

The importance of being open minded towards all perspectives you come across. In the last 4 years, I have learned to critically analyze thoughts and ideas of current and historic issues. This process would have been extremely boring if not for the mentor’s engaging conversations and will to share personal thoughts and experiences. I have learned to not rely blindly on formulas, but rather on logical reasoning and background knowledge. Although at times the deadlines to write commentaries span between only 2-3 days, however, the frequent practice has shaped me into an independent writer.

(IGCSE English Language) Singapore

The lessons I learnt from the mentor was surely a great experience. I always thought I should go back to CBSE as English was way easier there. However, I have changed my mind set and look towards the subject more positively, all thanks to my mentor. I wouldn’t really state there were any negative aspects of my learning, because I was also taught some disciplinary qualities such as not coming late to class via this platform. In the end, I would just say thanks for everything.

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