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Why YesMindZ?

We facilitate students to develop the cognitive skills in a holistic manner which helps in relating knowledge to real World scenarios. This is done by adopting a systematic approved scientific approach of teaching and learning.

The course modules are structured to complement the learning that students receive in their school/ college and offer essential support to the students under Home Schooling system.

The courses are designed keeping in view of the student’s learning status and ability. Our scientific skill gap analysis approach combined with personalized instruction, methodical curriculum structuring, model question paper solving and continuous evaluation help in harnessing complete potential of students.

We adopt four-pronged approach in the language skill development i.e., Listening, Grammar, Comprehension and Communication.

Confidence building and self -motivation- which are considered to be key areas for performance improvement are given priority throughout the teaching learning process.

Technology today is an enabler. Internet has given us access to huge resource and connectivity with the experts across the globe eliminating time and country boundaries. In addition, modern cities globally face urban mobility issues that waste huge amount of time and scares resources. Hence, YesMindZ has used the revolutionary modern method of online teaching to deliver classes’ online in one – to – one and small group class modal since 2014.