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(IGCSE, AS Level English Language) Chennai, India.

Ma'am at first, I was unsure about group classes as I thought I may not have the same personal experience I had during IGCSE classes. However, it has been an amazing experience and I found it enabled me to share and learn new ideas. We got to discuss homework during class and this allows to compare our work and find ways to make it better. Also, in group classes, if I cannot answer your questions, there are always two other people! The online debate experience was probably a once-in a lifetime experience. On the subject of online classes, I did admit I found the idea of Skype classes kind of doubtful. It has proved to be almost like a real classroom and there have been very few internet problems. Online classes are much more fun than real classes! And ma'am, you have been a wonderful teacher. You answer any doubts that we ask and your name truly reflects the feeling I get being in your classes. Honestly, I could not have got through IGCSEs at all without your help. And I know there are a dozen grammar mistakes in this essay, but feel free to comment on the language and style! It’s truly been a fantastic experience and you teach English in an unique way and make Skype classes seem like classes in school. Thanks a million ma'am! And honestly, I really have no criticism.

(O Level English Language) Singapore.

I felt that your classes have made me appreciate English a bit more. You have taught me on how to always further improve my work even though I at times feel that it is the best output I have given.Personally, these classes were especially beneficial as my vocabulary has broadened to new heights. My composition as well as letter writing has improved immeasurably. The teacher was extremely patient with me and believed that I had the potential to be a good writer. This gave me the confidence that I was looking for while writing the composition, and it has clearly reflected on my grades.

Ritu Singhal
((IBDP English Lang. & Lit. and TOK, EE) Pune, India.

My experience with Ms Pratima at Njoy learning has been on an overall very good. Classes are interesting and it pushed me to work. They have a format and are organised so that they remain helpful. Using all the features of online teaching, giving personal attention to each individual student and maintaining structure in class is done with high skill.

Samrudh Srinivas
Grade 9 (IGCSE- ESL) Chennai, India.

I learnt how to write an email. I had freedom to ask doubts. I can see short movies while learning. I learnt how to form a sentence. I learnt correct punctuation. I learnt speaking fluently.

Sanjith Cumarasar
(AS Level English Language) Chennai, India.

In comparison to physical classes, online classes are helpful since I am able to attend these classes from the comfort of my home instead of travelling for the classes. Over the past 3 to 4 months in classes, I was able to learn how to improve my writing techniques. A vital point that I learnt was to reduce my sentence length, and issue I did not originally know I had. In addition, I was able to further my understanding of literary techniques such as imagery, personification and others and how to incorporate them into the essays that I write for both homework and classes. Despite only attending classes for a short time period, it had a significant effect on my writing skills, and I am glad to say that I am a better writer than before. The flexibility of the teacher in her times to teach me and mutual relationship that I formed during the classes helped me learn on improving my writing skills for which I am sure will play an important role in my future.

Rohin Chaochharia
(SAT English & IELTS)Chennai, India.

While learning English I got to improve my general knowledge on various fields. Learning English by taking up online classes at Njoy learning has been a wonderful experience for me. Even though I faced many challenges, my overall experience has been wonderful. Initially, I joined the class for SAT preparations and found it quite difficult but eventually I became used to the class structure and the way of teaching. Since I belong to a CBSE school, I have not been exposed to practical approach of teaching and I soon realised after joining Njoylearning that serious learning can also be fun.

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