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Abhinaya D
(IBDP English Literature & TOK) Chennai, India.

As a homeschooler in my high school, at eleventh grade, I was looking for ways to actively engage my mind and enhance my language skills. Although I was considered a "good" writer when I was young, I felt that I had hit a plateau and my style of writing seemed to be stagnant. I decided that it was time to explore a different avenue of writing and reading which was based in literary analysis. With the help of Pratima Ma'am, I slowly overcome my writing limitations and at the end of the year, I had a folder of well-written essays, a better technique of analysis and the confidence to pursue English literature in the future. I personally loved the way you walked me through the poems and guided me instead of just delivering content. This helped me analyse poems on my own without any guide, and enriched my own understanding. Your pointers helped me frame and write essays so much better. My tendency to summarise has gone, and I find it much easier to structure my paragraphs and link ideas. Spending time in class correcting the essay helped me get clarity on what was expected. One thing that I would have liked to change looking back is the fact that I typed in all of my work so that correcting it together was easy. Because I didn't have consistent practice writing and framing a response on paper, I felt that it limited me at the time of the exam. Other than that, I have no other changes that I would suggest.

Navath Rahul
(IBDP English Literature & TOK) Chennai, India.

The joy of learning on online platform is one of the greatest and even greater if you join Njoy learning. The classes were amazing taken by Madam Pratima Roy. She is the most awesome and kindest English and TOK teacher I have ever seen in my life.

(AS Level English Language) Singapore.

I joined Njoylearning few months ago, in the beginning I almost had no interest in studying English, but soon after all your efforts, I started doing my homework sincerely, and the confidence you have given me helped me improve a lot. I also enjoyed the small talks we had which both of us could relate to. You are strict yet a chill teacher! Thank You So Much for raising my interest in English!

Sayantan Nag
(ICSE & ISC English Language and Literature) Singapore.

I have learnt a lot of things in Njoy learning where I found the experience in writing sentence structure and improved a lot. Whenever there was any help required, I asked ma’am to help me. Based on this I have really enjoyed the sessions a lot. Online classes are fun to learn,a different method of learning.

Anirudh Sharda
(IGCSE, IBDP English Lang. & Lit. and TOK) Haryana, India.

The experience of learning online has been amazing. The way you have taught me it was a total new way for me, but I did understand through it very nicely. I loved the way of working online this way.

(AS Level English Language) Chennai, India.

At first, I was a bit apprehensive of how group classes online will end up being because with a little amount of experience I had of Skype classes, I felt like it would not be an effective medium to learn. But along the course of having the classes, I feel I have learnt much more about the way of writing and how to approach a particular text with an analytic sense than I had learnt during one-on-one class sessions at school. I would like to thank my teacher for being a really helpful guide and mentor during the classes I had. I honestly, I have gained more confidence in tackling the English paper now, thanks to Njoy learning.

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